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The Groomed Man Co Face Magnet Scrub

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Face Magnet Scrub from The Groomed Man Co with activated charcoal and grey pumice eliminates toxins and removes dead skin cells (3.38 fl. oz./100 ml.).

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US$ 34.00
US$ 34.00



Face Magnet Scrub contains kaolin and yellow clay to sooth different skin types and controls excess oil. Activated charcoal and magnetite unclogs the pores, eliminations toxins and absorbs impurities leaving the skin refreshed. Grey pumice  - crushed volcanic rock, removes the dead skin cells.

  • Activated charcoal
  • Removes dead skin cells

Direction Of Use

Wet your face and massage a small amount gently into your skin in circular motions. Use it as a face mask or wash it off straight after in the shower. Avoid getting water in the jar.

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