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Renati 2-Pack

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Renati 2-Pack includes Renati Rock Hard IRS Instant Rock Star and Renati Straight Hold Glaze.

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US$ 44.00
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Renati Rock Hard IRS Instant Rock Star (100 ml) is a professional hair wax with high hold and matte finish. It tames even the hardest to manage thick hair and is suitable for all hair types.

Renati Straight Hold Glaze (100 ml) is a professional mud wax with high hold and medium shine. It blends easily with the hair and works perfectly for medium to thick hair whilst getting rid of frizz. A little goes a long way.

Customer Reviews

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Review by: Mily

Nice offer

Best product for thick hair. Strong hold, never looks nasty like when using gel. Got moms husband hooked on it as well. He uses it on dry hair, I use it on damp hair.
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