Top Men’s Hair Trends Autumn/Winter 2016

Guys, are you hair-ready for a new season?

Fall and winter is a GREAT opportunity to give your locks an upgrade! At London Fashion Week this weekend we’ll spot some amazing models ROCKING the newest fashion and hair trends for sure.

Let’s find out what the new season will bring…



Fall/Winter – What Will We See?

In this chilly season of the year we will see MANY different hair trends full of contrasts. From a clean shaven buzz cut, to a classic slicked back style, to grow long and to go loose.

However, let’s take a look at TOP men’s hair trends for autumn and winter 2016 – and HOW TO style them!

#1 The Messy Hairstyle (Texture On Top)

If you prefer a messy style, this is the perfect ‘do for you! Messy hair is totally IN this year and its trendy movements will continue during fall and winter. 

You can pull off this one with both short and medium length hair and it’s GRAND for both casual and formal events!

The ideal messy hairstyle requires a medium high fade (short sides). Your hair around the top center should be 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) long and then longer and longer toward your fringe.


  1. Towel dry your hair
  2. Use Sidekick (heat protection)
  3. Blow dry your hair on a high-heat setting to achieve the shape you want
  4. Fetch a small amount of strong hold styling product like pomade (Powermade), clay (Dynamite Clay) or wax (Gold Digger or Silver Fox). Work the product into the hair from your backside, moving forward
  5. You can also check out this video tutorial on how to style messy hair inspired by Zac Efron.




#2 The Simple Short Hairstyle

The simple short hairstyle like the French crop is also TOTALLY RAD for the upcoming season!

It’s famous and extremely easy to maintain because it’s so simple. Also, it gives you the freedom to play with the look and customize it according to individual preferences. This ‘do fits many face shapes and generations.

You’ll find many different versions of the simple short hairstyle, but the ideal style is shorter sides with similarly cut locks up top. What makes this cut very natural is the similarity in length between the hair on top and the hair on the sides. Rocking this ‘do, you can also create a spiked styling which gives you a fresher look.   


  1. First of all: If you want to pull off this look, it’s important that you know your specific hair type. Thick, wavy or thin hair – to ROCK this look perfectly you have to inform your barber about your hair type so you and your barber can work out the right cut that complements your prefered styling.
  2. When you finally rock this ‘do, blow-dry your hair when it’s wet. Work the hair-dryer, a comb or a brush (skeleton brush) in the directions you prefer
  3. If you want a light medium hold and glossy look GO FOR Powermade. Otherwise use Dynamite Clay for a more matte and natural finish
  4. Check out this video about men’s short hair inspiration. 




#3 The Quiff

BEAT IT with the Quiff!
This hairstyle is a great example of how something old and retro can be recycled and brought back into fashion. This amazing hairdo will still be totally IN this autumn and winter.

It’s a cool combination of the flattop and the 1950s pompadour (which has been a noticeable trend during 2015 and 2016).

A Quiff requires plenty of hair on top of the head, which recedes into shorter length at the backhead. The sides are trimmed short (faded).


  1. Apply pre-styling spray like Sidekick into damp hair
  2. To keep the look from moving, a strong-hold wax can be applied to damp hair before styling.
  3. Blow-dry your hair upwards while using a brush to add lift and volume at the roots
  4. The hair on the top must be sectioned and combed away from the sides.
  5. Use pomade (Powerade), clay (Dynamite Clay) or wax (Gold Digger or Silver Fox) to style it
  6. If you’re looking for a video tutorial on how to do the perfect quiff check out this video.




#4 Shoulder Length hair (Middle Part And Side Part)

Autumn and winter 2016 are the ultimate seasons to let your locks GROW LONG – and with shoulder length hair, you definitely can’t GROW WRONG!  

As long as you’re considering long hair, but still want to keep it causal and formal, this look is the perfect choice.

This ‘do is ideal especially if you have thick hair. You can both make it a middle-part style, side parted or just messy.  

Brad Pitt and David Beckham brought the middle parted look into the mainstream a few years ago – and safe to say it’s here to stay!

When your hair is around shoulder length or longer, you can make it happen. But the middle parting is suited better for the straight and wavy hair type. Still, if you have another type of hair, you can always opt for a side part hairstyle done with your fingers. 


  1. Simply wash your hair, towel dry it and then apply Sidekick
  2. Blow dry your hair into position, but be careful not to make it too big or wavy
  3. Apply some products if desired and run your finger through it – then make a deep side parting with a large section of hair swept over to one side
  4. Want to learn how to maintain your hair while growing it? – Check out this video



#5 Long Hairstyle (Long and Loose)

Why not GROW long and GO loose? If you’re tired of visiting the barber too often, you should try letting your hair grow… like REALLY grow!

Long locks are making a huge comeback during fall and winter, whether it’s curly or straight. This look takes almost every outfit to the next level with its edgy vibes.


Long hair is easy to maintain and can easily be styled into many different hairstyles like:

The Surfer Look

The surfer look is the ultimate casual style and only requires that you wash your hair with shampoo, conditioner and add a good shake for styling. If you got heavy or curly hair this style is just perfect! 

If you’re going for the surfer style, your fringe have to be long enough to fall down in front of your eyes and long enough on the sides to fall down beneath your ears. 
BUT you have to be aware, if your hair is too long or too short, it will become difficult to style.



The Rock Star Look

During the decades, we have seen a wide range of rock star hairstyles. Long hair seems to be the most common styling trait when it comes to rock star hairstyles.

The long layered rock star look is very easy to achieve – especially if you have fairly fine hair – but still, you can pull it off with coarser hair too.



Sleek Low Ponytail

A Sleek low ponytail is a simple and elegant hairstyle for men with long hair. It will work perfectly if your hair is straight. Simply tie your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and apply the products of your choice to smooth everything out. 



Man Bun & Semi Bun

The man bun and the semi bun trend has spread to the mainstream!

It actually works with all kind of hair types. The beautiful thing about the bun is that the only thing you need is; LONG HAIR. 

TO DO the perfect bun check out the video below:  




#6 The Classic Side Part Hairstyle

Besides rocking the looser look, autumn and winter also brings back a more classic look: The short side parted hairdo! This classic style works perfectly for both short and long hair. To achieve a more formal look you can make it a slicked back style and use a good shake of pomade. For the more casual event you can let your fringe fall forward.






#7 The Buzz Cut

Even though it’s getting colder and you may want to add warmer locks to your head, the Buzz Cut is still TOTALLY RAD!!!

Keeping the hair shaved close to the head is one of the easiest ways to control your hair, BUT it will still require frequent trimming. No matter what – this timeless look NEVER goes out of fashion.

However, before you decide to shave your head, it is wise to consider your face shape. The buzz cut works best if you have a long or oval face. It makes overly large heads appear more proportional as well.

Are you considering a buzz cut? Check out this video



#8 Slicked Back hairstyle

Slicked back hair is sleek and a statement that never goes out of style, even though it’s often reserved for a fancy occasion. Although, it seems easy to achieve this look, it does need preparation. It is important to consider your hair type. Really thick hair is harder to work into a slicked back style – in other words – it’s easier to pull off the look with fine hair.


  1. Backcomb your hair
  2. Use pomade like Powermade which gives your hair a glossy finish and a light hold
  3. Proceed to comb your hair towards the back of your head
  4. If you want to add extra hold, apply Sidekick (it works great as a mild hair spray that’s better for your hair)
  5. Check out this Slicked Back hair tutorial inspired by David Beckham. 



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