OLIVIER GIROUD Hairstyle 2016 [Step By Step Tutorial]

The Premier League season 2016/2017 is in full swing and it’s time to spot some amazing players who ROCK awesome hairdos!

Having this summer’s UEFA European Championship in mind, the French forward OLIVIER GIROUD from Arsenal F.C. is definitely going to be one of the most exciting players to follow in the world of football.


Last season Giroud  scored 16 PL goals for Arsenal helping them achieve the runner-up position in the league in front of Tottenham Hotspur. This season Arsenal is off to a great start again, but if they’re gonna keep up the pace in both Premier League and Champions League, Giroud needs to become a staple force once more.

A Hair Fashion Icon

Besides being an important asset for both Arsenal and France Giroud is also a man with STYLE! When it comes to either handling the football or handling the hair, Giroud is always in control. 

That’s why we decided to make a step by step-tutorial on how to get his popular 2016 short sporty hairstyle.

Let’s get your locks ready for this!

Step 1: Prep Your Locks

It’s best to arrive for your cut with hair that is product-free. Set yourself up for succes by starting out with a nice hair wash. Shampoo and conditioner helps remove leftover products and makes the hair more manageable for the remaining steps.

We recommend shampoo and conditioner from By Vilain Skyline.

Step 2: Divide And Conquer

Starting from the temple of the head, section part the hair with a By Vilain Comb, creating a connected line along the sides and back. The hair above the line is combed up, and the hair beneath the line is combed down.

Blow dry your hair afterwards to lock it firmly in place.

Step 3: Cut Locks

Using an electric shaver or a pair of scissors, make a gradient trim upwards along the sides, back, and around the ears. This goes from 8mm at the sidepart to 6mm at the ears, and from 3 cm at the top center to 1 cm at the neck.

Finish the trim part with a pair of scissors and a comb, to get the gradient just right!


Step 4: Pumping Up Volume

From the rear of the head and going forward to the front, cut the hair in a gradient so it starts out shorter in the back (4 cm), while gradually getting longer towards the front (6 cm at the fringe).

This technique boosts volume at the front, and creates the necessary support in the back to hold the hair in place.

Step 5: Define Edges

The edges at the nape of the neck are outlined using a trimmer, creating a nice clear division between the skin and the hair. 

Step 6: Thin Out

Thinning out the hair at the top center makes it less weighty, giving it additional lift. This also allows the front of the hair to get support from the hair in the center, which helps hold it in place. If the hair is starting to dry out, apply By Vilain Freestyler to make it manageable again. 


Step 7: Protect And Dry

Spray By Vilain Sidekick into the the hair to apply heat-protection, texture and hold. With the hair properly protected from heat, blow-dry the hair to boost volume and add hold. Blow-dry in the direction you want the hair to sit – in this case from underneath the hair and upwards. This prepares the hair for the next step, where you reinforce the hold further.

Remember to gently tip the dryer from side to side as you use it, in order to avoid overheating!

Step 8: Flat Iron For Succes

Flat ironing the hair helps strengthen hold by locking the hair into an upward position and keeping it firmly in place.

Step 9: Wax It Up!

Finish your look by adding By Vilain Silver Fox to achieve extreme hold and a stylish glossy finish.

Now the styling is finished and you’re ready to dominate the football field just like OLIVIER GIROUD! 



Products & Tools You Need For This Hairdo


  1. Shampoo & Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline Haircare Duo US$40 2. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 3. Spray, By Vilain Sidekick US$20 4. A pair of scissors 5. Blow-dryer 6. Wax, By Vilain Silver Fox US$20 7. Flat iron 8. Thinning scissors 9. Spray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 10. Clipper 

Tutorial Time

Watch this Slikhaar TV video to see how you achieve the sporty Olivier Giroud hairstyle. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!