Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s 2016 Galla Hairstyle [Step By Step Tutorial]

The classic look is coming back in style, and you only need to look at one of the hottest names in Hollywood to understand why!

JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT’s signature hairstyle is cool and sleek. He pulls off a look that stands out from the crowd by being a sophisticated and understated contrast to some of the more extravagant looks found in the movie biz. THIS makes him a definite GO-TO inspiration when it comes to hairstyles!

Ready guys? Let’s learn HOW TO GET Joseph Gordon Levitt’s classy 2016 Galla hairstyle in 9 easy to follow steps…


Step 1: Prepare With Care!

It’s always important to start with a quick hair wash to get rid of product residue. If needed, use shampoo and conditioner

Step 2: Section The hair

When your hair is clean, next step is the section parting. Create a vertical line around the sides and the back of the head. It’s important to choose the most flattering placement considering your head shape. All the hair above the line is combed upwards, while all hair underneath the line is combed downwards.

Step 3: Time To Cut!

While the hair is still wet, it’s time to cut! Use a pair of scissors and a By Vilain Comb and trim the sides and the back of your hair.
The sides are cut in a gradient from 1,5 cm (bottom) to 3 cm (top) and the back is 1cm (bottom) and 4 cm (top).


Step 4: Sharpen The Lines

Use a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer. The edges around the ears and the back of the lower hairline must be trimmed to create a clean transition from the skin to the hair.

Step 5: Create Balance

Moving from the top front and back towards the top center, gradient the hair to gradually make it shorter (12 cm top front to 10 cm top center). Going from the front to the back helps create the slicked-back look. If your hair is starting to dry again, you can always reapply Freestyler.

Step 6: Thin Out Your Locks

Use thinning scissors to thin out the hair on top of the head, including the fringe. Thinning the hair makes the styling easier and gives the hairstyle a lighter look.


Step 7: Apply Products [Pre-Styling & Pomade]

By first applying heat protecting Sidekick and then Powermade, a professional styling fusion is achieved!

Sidekick helps protect the hair from the heat intensity of the blow-dryer (more on this in step 8). Sidekick also adds texture and hold to boost volume. Powermade further strengthens the hold and adds a nice glossy finish.

Step 8: Create Volume And Definition

Starting from the front of the head and moving back, blow-dry while combing the hair backwards in a slight curling motion. This technique melts the Sidekick and Powermade into the hair, giving it a great hold.

Gently shake the blow dryer from side to side while you blow-dry your hair. Then you avoid overheating and damaging the hair.

Step 9: Completing The Look

NOW it’s time to complete the perfect look! For the final step, use Powermade once again to firmly lock the hair into position.

…and VOILA! You now have the classic and cool slicked-back Joseph Gordon-Levitt hairstyle.



Products & Tools You Need For This Hairdo


    1. Shampoo & Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline Travel Duo US$20 2. Comb, By Vilain Comb US$20 3. Hair-styling spray, By Vilain Sidekick US$20 4. Scissors 5. Waterspray, By Vilain Freestyler US$20 6. Blow-dryer 7. Pomade, By Vilain Powermade US$20

Easy To Follow Video Tutorial

Watch this Slikhaar TV video to see how you achieve the sleek Joseph Gordon-Levitt hairstyle.

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