Haircuts For Men With Thinning Hair (Receding Hairlines)


Okay, so you’re getting a little thin on the top?

Well, the BA(L)D NEWS is that receding hairlines and bald spots usually appear over time.

Around 30% of men today have started losing, or have lost their hair to a great degree, by the time they reach the age of thirty – and YES you can blame your genes or hormones!

But the GOOD NEWS is, that there are many hairstyles and cuts that can minimize the appearance of your hair loss.

So are you ready to deal with it?


One of the question we are often asked is: “How do I handle my receding hairline?” It’s a sensitive topic, which is really important to bring up and talk about. 

NOW, we provide you with 6 different haircuts that can turn your losses into gains! And the cool thing is; These 6 cuts are also TOTALLY RAD for Autumn and Winter 2016 as well. Check out the latest blog post HERE: Top Men’s Hair Trends Autumn/Winter 2016 and learn how get the look.


allinSlicked Back Hairstyle (With Undercut)

You can call it a mature, evolved variation of the Mohawk. The slicked back style with undercut is awesome for thinning hair. Many men draw attention away from thinning hair on the top by slicking back the hair which adds a light lift at the roots.

TO DO SO, you’ll have to grow the front of your hair long enough, so that when you slick your hair back, it’ll mask the bald spot.
You should use styling products like pomade, which will give your hair volume, the perfect amount of shine and hold the slicked hair in place.

This cut suits almost every hair type, but works particularly well with finer hair!
If you have curly hair, you will need to apply more products.

Check out this Slicked Back hair tutorial inspired by David Beckham. 




Short and Spiked Haircut

Another perfect haircut solution if you have thinning hair, is SHORT and SPIKED! 

Draw attention away from thinning hair, by adding body and texture on top. Brush your hair up and away from the forehead, and hold in place with styling products.

If you want a light medium hold and glossy look GO FOR pomade. Otherwise use clay like Dynamite Clay for a more matte and natural finish.Yet again, the key is to use styling products like wax or pomade to increase the volume of your hair.

Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair on the top and give it an edgy and spiky look. This cut creates space between your locks and therefore the attention will only be on where your hair has been spiked.

Here is how to get a causal cool short haircut. 



Messy Side Parted Hair

Another option is to GO with a messy side part!

This style is typically for those with longer hair that is starting to thin out.

The style is simple; a medium length cut with a deep side part, complemented by tapered sideburns, and the frontal section of the hair is swept up and away from the face. Fetch a small amount of strong hold styling product like pomade (Powermade), clay (Dynamite Clay) or wax (Gold Digger or Silver Fox). 

It will definitely make you feel and look younger!

You can check out this video tutorial on how to style messy hair inspired by Zac Efron.



The Crop Haircut (Close Cut With Top Texture)

If your thinning hair is not bad enough to pull off a buzz cut, getting a close cut with top texture is a nice choice. Like George Clooney this look is AWESOME when the top of the hair is pushed forward into a small point at the front.

This cut can be either smart and formal for work or causal and messy for everyday look or on the weekend. It’s an easy to style and a low maintenance haircut.

Check out this video about men’s short hair inspiration. 




The Buzz Cut

If you have the face shape for a buzz cut, this cut is a pretty COOL and sexy solution for thinning hair!

This style is a GRAND choice, because it’s TRENDY and draws attention away from your receding hairline. You can pull off this look with a nicely shaped beard and then look completely handsome.

This style is also extremely easy to maintain and can be styled without products. But be aware, if you have a dry scalp, it’s good to use a moisturizer or hair oil on your skin to keep it conditioned.

Are you going for a buzz cut? Check out this video

buzzcutClean-Shaven (The Ultimate Solution)

While this haircut may be the ultimate solution for most men, a clean-shaven head can be REALLY handsome.  If your hairline is just too obvious and you have the face shape to pull this one off, it can give you some badass edge and show the world that you really don’t care!


Well, how do you want to deal with your thinning hair? Did you find a haircut that suits you?

No matter what, always remember don’t try to cover it up or making a comb over. DEAL WITH IT, instead of working against it!