GET TO KNOW THE BRAND: Lockhart’s Authentic Grooming Co.

Wondering if it’s time to try out a new hair product brand this fall?
We’re giving you an exclusive chance to get behind the scenes with some of your favorite, hand-picked hair products.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Lockhart Authentic Grooming Co. – A professional hair product brand hand-crafted with love and filled to the top with unique ingredients.

We’ve asked one of the founders, Steve Lockhart, to answer 6 exciting questions about the hair product brand in general – and more importantly – the products:

1. Tell us about your company

What’s the history? Lockhart’s was founded in 2013 by myself, Steve Lockhart, and my lovely wife Nichole Lockhart. It began as a small homebrewing operation, every product being developed and produced in our kitchen. At the time there was a lack of artisan’s creating really unique formulas and pushing the boundaries of what homebrewing could be.

We intended to change that. Since then it has always been our mission to excite and inspire our customers, barbers, and employees by continuously crafting products that produce superior results for any person of any walk of life. We no longer operate in our kitchen and now work out of the lab full time giving me even more freedom to experiment with unique formulations and unique ingredients

As we look to the future we plan to continue pushing boundaries with our formulations, creating hybrids of different types of products is one of my current fascinations. It’s a complicated process but one that I really enjoy and our customers have shared the same sentiment. We’ve got a few new products in the pipeline at the moment and several more in my little black book that I’ll continue to hone in until we create something special.

– Of course, a major goal of ours is to expand our alliance of barbershops within the United States and in Europe in order to give our customers a first hand experience with Lockhart’s products through the hands of talented barbers who can educate them in the proper usage.

Steve Lockhart with baby

2. Tell us about your products

All of our products are developed by me within our small lab in Perry Michigan. We say that we’re taking a modern approach on classic products and we’re now working on creating all new classes of products. We normally begin with a semi orthodox approach to traditional products and then slowly we modify the products with unique ingredients and ratios until we have something unlike anything else on the market.

The way I see it is that if somebody is making a product one particular way, then why should we do it the exact same way? If what I produce in my experiments reminds me of another product I’ve tried in the past it normally gets benched until I can figure out a way to make it unique.

I’ve got several books full of useable formulas that have been benched because I didn’t see them as unique enough to add to our lineup. I like to use blends of many natural ingredients including extracts, organic oils, and essential oils even in products where it can be difficult to do so. These add nutrients to the hair, strengthening and nourishing the hair.

Once I have a formula that I’m satisfied with I then send jars out to a big network of people all over the world. Some barbers, some customers so that we can get a variety of feedback on different hair types in different climates. This allows us to really hone in our formulas so that it will be the most versatile in as many climates as possible.


Lockhart pomades in line
3. Most popular products

Our most popular products are our new Enigma Volumizing Cream, Anti-Gravity Matte Paste, Matte Clay, and Goon Grease. Personally, my favorite product in our line has become our Enigma Volumizing Cream since it’s a very versatile product that works for just about any hairstyle.

Applied to damp hair you can get a more slick look if you apply a few pumps and comb it without blow drying. Applied to towel dried hair and blow dried you can get a nice amount of volume and flexibility. You can also use it as a pre styler with other products to provide extra texture and volume.

Lockharts enigma, matte clay and anti gravity laying on wood
4. What type of hair works best with your products?

With our vast lineup of products, we’ve got a product that will work with just about any hair type. Some of our products were developed with fine hair in mind, others for people with thick hair, most of our products work for just about any hair type, however, depending on the style that somebody is going for.

5. Tell us a secret hairstyling tip or a fun fact about your products

There’s a term that was coined by Mike Smith of Modern Man TV which he calls the “Lockhart’s Method.” It’s a method which we find really helps produce a nice finish with matte styling products. The method consists of only applying a dime-sized amount of product to the hair from back to front, really working into the roots of the hair. Then you blow dry the hair using heat in order to get your hair styled in the desired direction.

Once the hair is all cooperating and going the way you want it to, you blast it with the cold setting on your blow-dryer for about 30 seconds or until the desired finish is achieved. If extra hold is needed you can repeat these steps but skip over the heat on the second time around.

My favorite Lockhart’s combo is using a small pump of Enigma volumizing cream with a scoop of Lockhart’s Matte Clay. This provides volume and a bunch of texture with a healthy matte finish, not too dry, not too shiny, just right. I use the “Lockhart’s method” approach with this combo as well.

When I want to go to a nice formal event and need a little extra shine I’ll use a combo of our Goon Grease and Medium hold, to get a little extra shine (and the scents combined smells amazing). You can even apply a small amount of Medium hold on top of a water based product like Enigma or Anti-Gravity to get some extra shine while still being able to wash it out easily.


Lockharts enigma, matte clay and anti gravity standing on wood table
6. Why should a customer buy your products?

We take great pride in the production of our products. Every batch is made in small batches so that quality can be monitored very closely. When using a Lockhart’s product, you’re in for a unique experience that you haven’t experienced with other products.

Each product has been scrutinized over by professionals and customers from all over the world in all sorts of different kinds of climates so you know that you’re getting a product that has been created by a community of people, not just some guy in front of a boiler.

“Each product will leave your hair feeling better than before application and every product is guaranteed to make you look your best”

Lockharts professional matte clay and beard oil on wood table