Black Friday: 5 Collector’s Items

Wondering what the Slikhaar Team has in store for you this Black Friday? We are introducing you to By Vilain’s very own Collector’s Items: ONE wax, FIVE designs. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the new Black Gold wax.

1. BLACK GOLD: This Season’s Exclusive Wax from By Vilain

As many of you might have noticed, we’ve entered those chilly winter months, and this means knitted sweaters, winter coats, gloves and warm boots for most of you – but what do you use to style your hair? Or maybe you’re in search of the best BLACK FRIDAY offer?
Whether it’s for your loved ones or yourself, Black Gold is sure to kick up anyone’s look!
As for all the By Vilain Collectors out there, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this bad boy – especially since there’s only 1000 of each!


Emil and Rasmus talking about black gold

So what does the Black Gold have to offer?

While there are a lot of good hairstyling products out there, you won’t find a wax as unique as this bad boy. The Black Gold will get you ready for the jolly season to come, and with its special ingredient, it will definitely be at the top of your Black Friday shopping list.

Thus, we would like to introduce you to the newest member of the By Vilain family: Black Gold. As the name suggests, Black Gold is an updated version of the classic By Vilain Gold Digger, which has been specially developed for this year’s Black Friday. We’ve added a new scent and activated charcoal powder.


adding Charcoal to the black gold wax

But why activated charcoal powder, you ask? Well, we wanted to create something special for this year’s Black Friday, and nothing says BLACK as ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER, wouldn’t you agree?
Also, activated charcoal has many beneficial properties and is known to be extremely effective in skin and hair care products because of the toxins that bind the activated charcoal. So it’s a win-win situation really! You get fabulous and healthy hair, all at once.

But we didn’t stop there. We also added a new scent to the original recipe by enhancing its woody, spicy and ambery notes:

  • Base notes: Sandalwood, Ambroxan, Vanilla and Tonka beans
  • Heart notes: Violet, Apple, Lavender and Cinnamon
  • Top notes: Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarin

Sounds great, right? But wait, there’s more…

2. BLACK GOLD: ONE wax, FIVE designs

This Black Friday, these amazing and unique hairstyling waxes will light up your winter days with their bold looks and amazing styling capabilities. The wax provides extreme all-day hold and matte finish, which means that you’ll be able to redo your hairstyle at any time of day. Plus, it adds fullness and texture to any hairstyle. But that’s not all. What makes this wax truly unique is the fact that it comes in 5 awesome designs!

Choose your favorite one or choose them all – you’ll love them no matter what, and you’ll never want to let them go!

So here’s your chance to adopt a UNIQUE WAX from By Vilain!

Black gold Supre it's better


For everything there is a season, well… for every hair there is Black Gold. And as we’ve said before, it comes in five awesome designs. Wondering what they are and why?

There’s, of course, a story behind each of these fabulous Collector’s Items. But instead of spoiling your creative interpretations, we’ll let the pictures do the talking. After all, they do say more that a thousand words, right?

Black Gold Slikhaarshop

  • By Vilain Fucking Amazing
  • By Vilain Supreme, It’s Better
  • By Vilain Just Do Me
  • By Vilain Who the Fuck is Slikhaar!
  • By Vilain ”the Quote” – Mr.Belfort.

We want to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and these are no exception to our vision.


If you choose (and why wouldn’t you?!) the Black Gold as your wax for this season, this is what you’ll get:

  • Collector’s Item: there’s only 1000 in each design
  • Great product with a new scent: enhanced woody, spicy and ambery notes
  • Contains activated Charcoal
  • All-day hold
  • Matte finish
  • Adds texture and fullness
  • Simply awesome

It’s a no brainer really!

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