3 Styles 1 Haircut [Step By Step Tutorial]

Have you ever yearned for trying a different styling with your haircut? You wake up, take a shower and stand in front of the slowly defogging mirror. Today you wanna try a new and different hairstyling…

But in a mixture of tiredness and lack of knowledge about hairstyling techniques, by the time the mirror has defogged completely, you resign and stare disappointed at yourself. Uninspired you settle for the same humdrum hairstyle as always.

Well, it’s time to change that, guys!



There Are More Styles To Just One Haircut!

Did you know that there are SO MANY options when it comes to styling each type of haircut?

You just gotta learn them by hand and work them into your hairstyling portfolio.

The next time you are not in a hurry (avoid weekday mornings), allow time for researching and experimenting with your styling. Build up 2 or 3 or perhaps even 4 different hairstyles to your repertoire customized to your own haircut. Having more than just one usual hairstyle will also make you appear as a more creative and nuanced person to others!

Consider taking your facial hair and clothes into account when “inventing” various stylings.


Time For A Styling Tutorial

In this step by step tutorial we take Emil from Slikhaar TV as our starting point.

We’ll take you through 3 different stylings (Pompadour, Twirly Quiff and Kenickie Curl) from the same haircut.

Emil’s haircut measurements are 12-13 cm fringe graduated to 6-7 cm at the top center. The sides and backhead are graduated from 1 to 3 cm.

But even if you have shorter hair, you still have many options and can be inspired by these!





Step 1: Get A Clean Slate

On a normal weekday morning you’ll probably come straight from the bath (or you might have showered the evening before). Otherwise you need to wash your hair to help remove any products and make it more manageable for the styling.

We recommend shampoo and conditioner from By Vilain Skyline.

Step 2: Spray… Then Blow It Up!

Apply the pre-styling spray By Vilain Sidekick to liberate every single hair and improve your styling options later on. Sidekick also protects the hair from the heat of the blow-dryer in step 3.

Blow-dry the pre-styling spray into the hair. To melt the pre-styling spray properly into the hair, you must remember to blow-dry before it dries up naturally.

By using a By Vilain Skeleton Brush in combination with the hair-dryer you lift the hair strands into the desired position. Thus the hair doesn’t just dry up in the random style from after the bath.

Bonus tipping tip: By tipping the beak and shaking the blow-dryer lightly you speed up the process and prevent your hair from burning.

Step 3: Dig For The Gold

Put your paw into the jar and style your prepped hair with By Vilain Gold Digger. Consider using a By Vilain Giant Comb with wide teeth to align the hair nicely. There you are, guys!

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Step 1: Get Another Clean Slate

Wash your hair – you know the drill from the previous style. Only this time you keep your hair a bit humid after the wash.

Step 2: Layer On Layer Fluids

Apply Sidekick  on top of the humid hair. This way the pre-styling spray will be spread even better in the hair as it forms a fine pellicle on top of all the wet hair. To distribute it even further pug it into your hair using your fingers. Use the Giant Comb afterwards to obtain absolute control and to align the hair.

Step 3: Twirl Like A Silver Fox

For this style we recommend using By Vilain Silver Fox. In contrast to Gold Digger it gives your hair a moderate shine. Don’t underestimate how having different types of wax can enlarge your styling repertoire. Smear out the wax onto your palms and work it into the hair going backwards. Finish off with a nice twirl on one side of your fringe using your index fingers. The twirl will loosen up a bit after it’s done so be sure to twirl sufficiently.



Step 1 (4): Prep Your Locks

This hairstyling actually builds on the previous one (except you don’t need the twirl if you go directly for style 3). So to get the best result you shouldn’t wash your hair after step 3 in the previous styling. You only need to get your hair a bit humid by using a water spray like By Vilain Freestyler.

Step 2 (5): Rub It Out!

Next up, you rub out wisps of hair one by one. The Sidekick and Silver Fox from Style 2 will help you get a curly and messy look when you fumble around the hair.

Step 3 (6): Time To Shine

For this last step you smear out By Vilain Powermade pomade onto your palms and work it into your hair. Make sure to gently pull your hair to keep the curly wisps you created in the last step. Reposition most of the hair to one side of the head to get a more stylish look (use a wide-tooth comb if necessary). Et voilà!



Products & Tools You Need For These Styles


1.  Brush, By Vilain Skeleton Brush US$20 2. Shampoo, By Vilain Skyline US$20 3. Conditioner, By Vilain Skyline US$20 4. Comb, By Vilain Giant Comb US$20 5. Wax, By Vilain Gold Digger US$20 6. Pomade, By Vilain Powerader US$ 20 7. Stylingspray, By Vilain Freestyling US$20 8. Wax, By Vilain Silver Fox US$20 9. Comb, By Vilain XL Comb US$20 10. Pre-styling Spray, By Vilain Sidekick US$20.


Video Tutorial

Watch the whole process frame by frame in this Slikhaar TV video tutorial. Let us know in the comment section which of the 3 hairstyles you prefer the most. If you need inspiration for the hottest hairstyles this autumn/winter read this other blogpost on the latest trends.