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Kevin Murphy Rough.Rider

In stock

Kevin Murphy Rough.Rider is a professional clay wax that gives you strong hold and a matte defined look (3.4 fl. oz. / 100 ml).

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US$ 30.00



This product is infused with golden bamboo and soya bean extracts to provide extra strength by sealing the ends of the hair straws. This also restores a healthy balance for your scalp. Rough.Rider clay wax gives you a matte look and a strong hold. It contains no parabens.

  • Strong hold
  • Matte defined look
  • Seals the ends of the hair straws
  • Provides extra strength
  • Golden bamboo and soya bean

Direction Of Use

Spread an amount of clay wax between your hands and heat it up by rubbing your palms together. Apply to damp or dry hair (blow-dried hair is an option) and sculpt your hair in the style of your choice.

Customer Reviews

4 anmeldelser

Review by: Ali


This product turns my hair dry but it's an advantage for me! I loved it
Review by: Del Rei

Get it if you want feel like sand in your hair.

Good hold. But for me, the "gritty-like" is too much dry. After applying, seems like there is some kind of sand in your hair, almost like Quicksand from HDF. Not for me. If you like it, go ahead! :)
Review by: Mark Miller

Great hold

The product gives a mat flexible hold that can hold all day without flaking. Great smell as well!
Review by: Thomas

Worth the money

This product has a strong hold so if you're going for the pompadour look (or any style that requires volume), no problem. And because it doesn't leave your hair clumpy or stiff, your hair actually looks natural all day. The product is more expensive than what I usually use, but it's totally worth it!
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