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Hanz de Fuko Claymation

In stock Ships in 18 hours, 27 minutes.

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Hanz de Fuko Claymation is a professional clay hairwax with super-high hold & matte finish (60 ml).

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In stock Ships in 18 hours, 27 minutes.

In stock - Ships in 18 hours, 27 minutes.

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Water Soluble: Yes
US$ 19.50
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Description: This high caliber clay will always work with you, never against you. It contains all the best parts of your favorite sculpting clay combined with a secret blend of natural waxes for achieving classic to creative hairstyles that last all day. Hanz De Fuko Claymation instantly works the moment you apply it and puts you in total control of styling your hair any way you please. Especially if you have thick, unmanageable hair.

  • High hold & matte finish
  • Providing powerful, “all-day” nourishment from roots to ends
  • Allows for effortless re-shaping and re-styling throughout the entire day without losing holding power

Directions of use: Start with a pea sized amount and spread it evenly across one of your palms. Then vigorously rub your hands together to activate and warm the product. Once the clay is smooth, aggressively push and stroke your fingers through your dry hair until you get the relaxed, textured hairstyle desired. Apply more product if needed.