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By Vilain classic 3-pack | Save 35%

In stock

The classic 3-pack. Choose between all the legendary waxes and pre-stylers from By Vilain, including Silver Fox, and many more. Remember the waxes mix perfectly together, so blend as you wish and create your favorite, personal wax.

Ships in 11 hours, 47 minutes.

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US$ 66.00
US$ 42.90
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By Vilain Classic 3-pack | Save 35%

We're changing logo and design on the labels and therefore offers the classic design for a favorable price until sold out. 

By Vilain Hair Wax

By Vilain Silver Fox (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is the ultimate professional styling product if you are going for an extreme hold and some shine. It has a soft feel, and adds fullness and texture while making it possible to restyle your hair at any time, because of its unique silicone-based formula. So if you want a natural look with moderate shine (without getting that greasy look and feel), Silver Fox is the perfect choice for you.

Wax Zero (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a 54% organic hair wax with 0% perfume. It provides a strong hold and a natural shine that makes your hair look healthy. Easy to apply, without tug and pull.

By Vilain Revolution is a high-performance strong hold hair wax with a smooth application. Easy to apply (compared to Gold Digger/Silver Fox). Lots of playtime. Provides a perfect hold with low shine. Best of all - the scent! (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml)

By Vilain Powermade Pomade (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml)

By Vilain Dynamite Clay (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) (SOLD OUT) 
By Vilain Gold Digger (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) (SOLD OUT) 

Direction Of Use

Only a little amount will do the trick. Heat in Palms. Apply on damp or dry hair. Creativity is the limit.


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1 anmeldelser

Review by: Michael Williams


I just received my first wax from the new line, and now I cant wait for this bundle :D
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