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By Vilain Dynamite Clay

In stock

By Vilain Dynamite Clay is a professional, high performing clay wax that adds maximum texture and hold with a matte finish (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml)

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US$ 22.00



The By Vilain Dynamite Clay Strong Hold Hair Clay With Maximum Texture!

Description: By Vilain Dynamite Clay (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a uniquely formulated styling product that adds texture to lifeless hair and gives it a fuller appearance. It tames even the most unruly, thick hair and is suitable for all hair types. If you are looking for matte sculpting and gritty texture, this is the product for you. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day.

  • Strong hold & matte, gritty finish
  • Adds fullness and texture
  • Allows for re-workability
  • Lets you manipulate your hair into any style
  • Made in Denmark

Directions of use: Work the clay through dry hair (preferably dried in position with a blow dryer) and sculpt your hair into any style you wish. Remember that a little goes a long way with this bad boy.


Direction Of Use

Work the clay through dry hair (preferably dried in position with a blow dryer) and sculpt your hair into any style you wish. Remember that a little goes a long way with this bad boy.


Aqua, Petrolatum, Kaolin, Cera Alba, Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Cera, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Cetearyl Alcohol, Silt, Ceteareth-25, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, PVP, VP/VA Copolymer, Cera Microcristallina, Parfum, AMP-Acrylates/Allyl Methacrylate , Copolymer, Stearyl Stearate, Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera/Rhus Succedanea Fruit Cera, Phenoxyethanol, Ceteareth-12, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopherol, Coumarin.

Customer Reviews

54 anmeldelser

Review by: Jorge P

Mi producto para el cabello favorito.

Mi novia ama el olor
Review by: Carl L.

Great Clay

I am a clay guy when it comes to hair styling. This one is one of my favourites.
Review by: Rumman raad

A Standard hybrid clay wax

Very good scent and consistency just like a clay should be. Hold is okay but not as high as other products and restyle able,easy application which is good.
Review by: Kalle

Positively suprised

A matte wax with good statute that lasts all day. I am pleasantly surprised by this wax as it is extremely affordable to be so good! Highly recommended
Review by: Kalle

Positively suprised

A matte wax with good statute that lasts all day. I am pleasantly surprised by this wax as it is extremely affordable to be so good! Highly recommended.
Review by: Kaimo

Amazing wax ????

This wax is simply perfect: Sweety scent, good high hold, not extreme as SilverFox or GoldDigger but at least it's more molleable than them, and gives also a really good texture.
Review by: Vinay Desai

Best Wax.. ????????

Woh..!! Superb Smell.. would like to Thank Rasmus & Emil for making this awsm hair wax, after watching there YouTube channel I started to care & Style my hair the way I want..
Review by: Clay.Robert


I've try so many Clays on my life, I must say this is the best product I've ever tried
Review by: Ben

Great volume and texture booster

Love it!Great volume and texture in my hair with this!
Review by: liam


I love this wax so much. i was a gold digger fan but got this on a promotion to try out and was converted. love the texture it gives and the hold is fantastic. took a bit of getting used to after using gold digger for a couple of years but now its my preferred option.
Review by: Jp

The best

This stuff is the BEST!
Review by: Red

Amazing product!

Used this for the first time a few days ago. Was out, didn't have any product, so used a friend's. I've used American Crew for years but after putting this in my hair don't think I will be using anything else again.... nailed it guys! Great product.
Review by: Peter

The best hair product

I have thin fine hair so it is really hard to find product that adds volume to my hair and holds for the whole day. Dynamite Clay is perfect, It really adds volume and holds. But you can go with your hands through your hair 2-3 times if you want and it will hold. Smell is good, not annoying. It is not hard to wash it out of hair – it goes easier than other brands I tried. I use it with sidekick and this combination is what I was looking for.
Review by: Khateeb


It smells good and does exactly what it says.. Just got it today, used it and already Love it and will be buying more for sure!!
Review by: Joseba

Simply the best hair product

This hair product is simply the best hair product in the market. It has an amaizing hold with a matte finish. Nothing can match this product. It works best after you blow dry your hair and use sidekick. Keep up the great work Emil and Rasmus. You guys are doing a fantastic job.
Review by: Tommy

Best hair wax i've used until the realease of...

I got this with Sidekick and thus became the guy with the best hairstyle in school and on the field (i play football and seriously... The hold was still great after a dozen headers). Comparing to Gold digger and Silver fox, Dynamite clay has the perfect balance of hold, re-workability and texture. The other two already had limited edition so I am dying for Dynamite's special edition, hopefully Emil and Rasmus will come up with it in 2016. Sure it will be a hit ;) #WorkHard #StyleHard
Review by: Josh

Very impressed

I would compare this product to a longtime favourite of mine, hairbond molder, another volume boosting clay with a similar finish. BUT dynamite clay provides even better hold with less product used!! I typically use this product as a base on my undercut after blow drying my hair and finish off with just a little bit of gold digger! It would be cool if they did a special edition with a stronger scent like they are doing for silver fox. Cheers!
Review by: Mersl_D

Great way for THIN/FINE hair !!

Guys with thick hair usually doesn't have got problems with hair care and styling especially. But what about us with thin hair ? This is exactly what u need... just try it and u ll never want to let it go. Trust me. In general u need to know: Smell: neutral, nothing extra and nothing bad Finish: rly dry, matte finish, looks great Hold: great-extreme hold, I think there s no other product with hold and light weight like this one. Thats what u need with fine hair, DRY, HIGH HOLD and LIGHT WEIGHT product. U don't have to be scared about your hold during the day or if your hair ll fall down. Volume boost?: ya! u are right....this product also provide a little bit volume boost which u ll see immediately after applying...no joking Use: Its hard to scope it out from a jar but keep calm guys, it should be exactlly like that. Then spread it between your hands, apply it from the roots to the tips and achieve the look u want. In short, my favorite product from By Vilain line which give u perfect and amazing thicker look and feeling. Stop spending your money on a cheap product...I did it also...but they don't work for thin/fine hair...
Review by: Felix Stevian

Thank You Slikhaar! You make me handsome, hahaha

By Vilain Dynamite Clay: I really like to use it because of the very strong hold. Like Superman, haha
Review by: Paulo

Amazing Product

After seeing them on YouTube I decided to get this product. As soon I got it I opened it up, and let me tell you, the smell is pretty amazing. Your hair will smell good all day. It does what it says which it gives you volume and matte finish. I recommend this product to anybody.
Review by: lionsheart

Simply Great

Dynamite Clay works wonders and is great to use... But not as great as By Vilain Silver Fox (for me).
Review by: MuhammadAhmed

Best claywax out there

For me this is the best wax in the By Vilain line. Only because I like high volume and texture and good pliability as I like to run my hands through my hair all day. The hold combined with sidekick lasts 10-12 hours for me. Had great pliablity and this product isn't sticky at all and quite easy to get through hair. The matte finish is amazing and this product is unrivaled in the market. I hope there is a Dynamite clay limited edition soon. One of the best clay or wax I've ever used and I would know because I have tested more than 40 clays till today.
Review by: sabzi

Suitable for shorter textured haircuts.

Another quality product. I found that the product gives the hair excellent texture or definition. Suitable for short hairstyles. Also has a pleasant smell.
Review by: Nmatz

It smells like love

For a while I've been searching for a wax that had nice hold and gave my hair this strong dry texture, then my friend showed me this wax. Once I tried out his I was hooked and knew I had to get one myself but, being I have a large family it soon became a family favorite! My tip is to apply when hair is a bit wet followed by a blow dry and comb to keep it soft while maintaining a good hold. What I've found to work was using a towel for a messier look.
Review by: Kevin Kelly


I absolutely love this dynamite clay! It holds my hair volume perfectly. But what is really incredible is the matte finish. I would recommend this product to anyone who would like a strong hold with a matte finish. Also, I would recommend using the Sidekick spray first. Great combination!
Review by: Asad

Perfect product for long to medium hair!!

This product is so good! I have hair that is down to my mouth and this product is perfect for it. I usually apply it after blow drying my hair and it stays perfect the whole day. I also use Gold Digger and Silver Fox but Dynamite Clay is my favorite. I sometimes mix it with Gold Digger for a little extra hold but usually the Dynamite clay is enough for my hair. I love the sandy effect is gives in my hair. Definitely would recommend anyone to buy.
Review by: Nandan

Just amazing!

I think that By Vilain Dynamite clay is not only the best wax/clay ever but it is also the best one in the BY VIlain line. It works great with every type of hair. This product gives you a matte finish look which makes your hairstyle look natural and it also boost the volume of your hair, Slikhaar TV have given the perfect description about this product on the can of the wax/clay. I love this product. Its a easy-to-use product and no hair product can be better than this one! love you guys keep growing. Best of luck!
Review by: JC

Just Amazing

This product helped me have my hair in place since my hair is kinda unruly and wavy. But this keeps my quiff in place and it holds all day. The texture is amazing just like the volume.
Review by: Style hard:)

Amazing Texture!!!

By Vilain Dynamite Clay is by far the best product in my opinion, because it gives my hair awesome volume and great hold. My hair is very straight and it still has that 12-24 hr hold. When i got my Dynamite Clay i got in the three pack with Silver Fox and Gold Digger. I love all of them but Dynamite Clay is like Gold Digger and Silver Fox combined (without the shine because this product has a matte finish). The only problem i have ever had with this product is that my hair flattens down a bit, but other than that its still a great product and the best product i have ever used.
Review by: Dynamite Clay

High Hold Matte Finish!

When I recieved my By Vilain Dynamite Clay, I had very high expectations. When I used it for the first time, I fell in love with the awesome product. The product is great for hairstyles that require a lot of volume and a lot of hold while also looking like there is nothing in the hair. It does what it says and works very well.
Review by: Patrick

Great product

I got all 3 By Villain products about 6 months ago. I use Dynamite Clay every day with either Gold Digger or Silver Fox. I use them almost everyday and they are still all about a third full. Brilliant product and one tub will last ages. My go to product :)
Review by: Smiithy95

Best clay I've used!

The Dynamite Clay is perfect for any hair! My bro and I both use this and also the Gold Digger and we just love them, it provides great hold yet amazing workability throughout the day! Definitely one to keep supply of!
Review by: eric


This product is the best for medium hairstyle! It creates really nice texture! You can retouch you hair all day without messing up you hairstyle! very nice!
Review by: Dmitry

Best I ever had

I bought 3 Vilain different waxes half year ago. Before it I've tried a lot of various waxes, pomades, gels and other stuff such as Gatsby, some Chinese, French brands... And I've been watching all episodes of Slikhaar TV and it was my dream to buy one of the products. And I didn't know what is best for me so I bought all 3. And it was fantastic. Another level of styling. When my hair was shorter I used gold digger and silver fox and dynamite clay and mixed it in different variations. Now my hair length to my chin and I can't live without Dynamite Clay. My hair is soft and wavy and I can do my best hairstyle and fix it with spray, or just move it with my hands whole day, is not necessary even to wash hair next day, because just with your hands you can do good hairstyle. So if you have long hair and you want to look best choose Dynamite Clay.
Review by: Jezzay


Dynamite Clay works great giving lots of texture to any type of hair. It smells awesome, feels good and gets the job done.
Review by: Neil


Another great product in the By Vilain line. Allows to reshape my hair anytime. Has a very outstanding and unique smell.
Review by: William

Great product!

By Vilain Dynamite clay is the best hair product I have used as I struggle to get volume in my hair and this helps a lot! I used to use retail products until I started watching the Slikhaar TV Youtube channel and realised I need to start using better products. I have used this and Gold Digger and both are great products but Dynamite Clay is the best for me and I would highly recommend to anyone.
Review by: Danovan

The best hairwax i ever used

hello slikhaartv, i'm from indonesia. i want to review your product about by vilain dynamite clay. when i use by vilain dynamite clay, that give me best haircut what i want. the scent is nice i'm seriously. some day i ask my mom about my haircut and she say "woww amazing, i love you more if you always handsome like that". and then i ask my mom again about the scent and the texture with using by vilain dynamite clay. and she answer me like this "hey danovan, i think you must buy again that product. and you must find emil and rasmus if we go to denmark. and then i want you get some best haircut.' thx slikhaartv, cause of you make my mom proud of my self and yours. i promise went i go to denmark, i want get some haircut from you and buy all your product for my friends, cousin, and other. thx slikhaartv, you make my proud from first
Review by: laksma


This dynamite clay is really really awesome! It really works on my bad hair, this makes my hair look very healthy, I don't know how it can be happened to my bad hair. This wax also gives volume - texture - strong hold and that's why I do not panic with hair-style and I'm now more comfortable and stylish when going out with friends. My friends sometime ask me "what kind of wax do you use? It smells really nice". Then I said "ouh man, I bought this from Denmark, and this wax is called By Vilain Dynamite Clay! U can check it out the channel on YouTube" Finally I really like to watch your all videos, and hope I can buy, but my mom don't give a permission to buy, haha :D And also the Sidekick really helpful to my hair: Side kick + blow dry + dynamite clay = hair perfect for everyday I want to continue to shop on you, and I hope that there's a new wax for next year, and I strongly support your work. Thanks Emil , Rasmus and friends for this product u all are best ! "
Review by: Namir

Smells great , good hold a bit expensive but it lasts alot

What i like is that the hold is strong but you can still reshape your hair even after its dried out not like some other products which harden up after a while. Another thing is that it adds texture to your hair and the matt finish with its not very strong hold leaves your hair with a matt finish and some flexibility that makes your hair look natural. The smell is great but it doesn't really last. However, it's a great product. I definitely recommend it!
Review by: jason

The best wax I ever used

Hello slikhaarv, i'm from indonesia. I want to review your product about by vilain dynamite clay. Dynamite give me best texture, and have nice scent. The scent is very unique until i always tell to my mom and she always answer like this "yeah, i give a money to buy by vilain for you hair cause the scent was nice, and make you more handsome than before". I always watching your video at youtobe slikhaartv, you always give me some inspiration about haircut. Heyy slikhaartv, i promise if i go to denmark, i will tell my mom to visit slikhaartv just to get some haircut..
Review by: riositrollface

Best product i've ever used :D

I have thick, straight asian kinda hair. It is annoyingly unmanageable without any product. I tried many many other hair product but none worked perfectly. By Vilain Dynamite Clay really does its job. It provides great texture, tons of volume, and smells fresh. I don't even want to wash it off my hands :D The product washes out relatively easy. It has great hold and really easy to restyle throughout the day or night. The perfect choice for modern gentlemen. I'm not going to use other product, other than By Vilain product :D Keep up the good work, Emil & Rasmus!
Review by: Burakalp

The Best one!!

Firstly, i want to thank you guys. First time in My life you guys helped me how to shape my hair the right way. I ve watched your all videos not missed any one. If you have long/short i mean semi-long hair this product is what you'r looking for. You can't know how it is without trying. First time i tried it my family, my friends surprised with the result. hair Volume and holding are the most important things for me. So i Got that with this product. I recommend it to everybody. I will re-order for me and for 3 friends of mine. Do you know what's the Best part iş FREE SHIPPING. You guys are the Best in this category. I hope one Day before i Die i could Come to your place and get the Best haircut ever. And your hairdresser is so cute, Like her very much :) thank you again guys you deserve the Best! Best wishes from Turkey :))
Review by: D-Popp

Amazing hold and finish

I love the texture this product gives me. It holds all day long! I definitely recommend this product to anyone
Review by: Danielb


This is the best thing that ever happened to my hair, it keeps it held the whole entire day but doesn't make my hair hard like gel would. It lasts a while because you only need a little little bit every day that little bit makes you hair absolutely perfect every day. 100% recommend this to anybody!
Review by: Cezary

Amazing product

It is definitely worth the money. It make thick hair very manageable and easy to style. As well as that, it doesn't harden, therefore it is very easy to rework your hairstyle throughput the day. The smell is also very nice and not too strong.
Review by: Saul

Great product

I have very thick hair, and I had a hard time finding something that worked for me. Only thing that worked was Murrays pomade, but it was a pain to be washing out every night. Luckily I found Slikhaar on youtube and saw the by vilain products and decided to give it a go. I was surprised by how well it worked. It is easy to use and wash out. I have been using dynamite clay for over a month now and all I have to say is its awesome, many thanks Slikhaar from Cali.
Review by: Ollie

Brilliant product, does what it says on the tin!

I regularly experiment with a lot of different hair products and my everyday product was American crew fibre or Hanz de Fuko Quicksand! I decided to give this product I try I've been using it everyday for about 2/3 weeks now and I love it! My hair isn't that thick and this product really noticeably adds volume and thickness. It adds texture with a brilliant Matt finish with a bit of a sandy finish which works brilliant for me as I like to have my hair abit natural/messy. Although the hold is brilliant on this product I do finish, as always, with a light mist of hair spray just to hold it through the day! Another feature of this product is the smell, I can't quite place what it is but it's sweet and pleasant but not overpowering. Okay so the way I found best to use this product is to start with wet hair then towel dry so your hair is damp and then add around half the size of the amount of product you would normally use to your hair, making sure to get it all the way through the hair especially the roots. Then blow dry to desired style. Adding the product before really does give outstanding volume with great texture and it looks like there's nothing in your hair! Then I add another normally amount to my hair to style, once done you can hair spray or leave it as it is as the hold is strong enough to last the day. In terms of it being hard to wash out I haven't had any problems with this and I use it daily and don't shampoo my hair everyday and still manage to get it out. Hanz de Fuko do a very similar product quicksand which is also a dry shampoo, so I use the quicksand on my unwashed hair and then the dynamite clay when I wash my hair! However sometimes I add a small amount of dynamite clay after using quicksand as the quicksand can make your hair abit dry. Overall great product would recommend, does exactly what is says on the tin!
Review by: BubbaG

Worth every penny!

Dynamite Clay adds thickness to my hair and gives control, without any slickness or greasiness that comes with some products. Expensive, yes, but it will last!
Review by: KimRocks1

All Time Favorite

My favorite hair product is dynamite clay. It smells great, and is a great conversation starter. Also, for some reason, it always forms my hair perfectly- every single time! It's awesome! The only downside is that it's a little harder to wash out then other products but that's because of the great hold you get with it. Overall this is just a really solid, reliable product that I can always lean on if I'm having a bad hair day. 
Review by: Thomas

A Little Goes A Long Way

I'll recommend this product for anyone who wants to achieve great texture and definition.
Review by: AronRey


The wax is my first choice & favorite wax. Thumbs up!
Review by: Slikhaaaaaar

Helped my thin straight hair

I have thin straight hair this product combines the no shine Matt finish of gold digger with the strong hold of silver fox without a greasy shine this product is perfect for creating volume to blow dried hair and it has strong hold . Overall this product gave my thin straight lifeless hair volume ,control , high hold , without looking like I have any product in it
Review by: WinWil

Unique Hair Product for Thin/Fine Hair

Just reorder this wax again. Thank you Slikhaar for the Free Shipping promotion. By Vilain Dynamite Clay really works great on Thin/FIne hair, when apply on after blow dry hair, it hold the hair very well & also make hair look more fuller. It also not stiff that you move around & restyle your hair anytime but the holding power still there, if want more hold just use hairspray to lock it. For this product, i prefer using diamond size amount apply on towel dry hair and blow dry, it give awesome superb voloume & texture. The result even better than i use Sea Salt Spray. When touching the hair after blow dry, it feel like no product in your hair but the volume is there. Than i will using other By Vilain product just a tiny amount for finishing. No hairspray using from morning i went to work till late night, the volume & holding power are still there. For washing out the product, i did read some review that it take shampoo twice to remove the product form hair, i feel it very easy to wash out because i have try to wash it out just by water & it completely remove from my hair which is great. (Maybe my hair too Thin/Fine) but i will advise use some good shampoo if you found to remove it. For the Hair product Scent, it smell like coconut scent for my opinion. The best duo product for me are By Vilain Dynamite clay & Silver Fox, it give Volume + Texutre + Light shine + Extreme hold. I give this Product rating 5/5 stars as it really works execellent among other hair styling wax i use before. A must buy ClayWax if you want to say goodbye to your Limp/Lifeness hair.
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